Generic GPS NMEA parser for embedded systems
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GPS NMEA 0183 Parser

Platform independent GPS NMEA parser for embedded systems


  • Platform independent, easy to port
  • Written in ANSI C language
  • Parser has built-in support for 4 GPS statements
    • GPGGA: GPS fix data
    • GPGSA: GPS active satellites and dillusion of position
    • GPGSV: List of satellites in view zone
    • GPRMC: Recommended minimum specific GPS/Transit data
  • Low-level layer is separated from application layer, thus allows you to add custom communication with GPS device
  • Works with operating systems
  • User friendly MIT license

Examples and resources

For examples, please check second repository, available at


Full API documentation with description and examples is available and is regulary updated with the source changes


I invite you to give feature request or report a bug. Please use issues tracker.