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Easy GUI for microcontrollers
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EasyGUI for embedded systems

This library has been introduced as part of research study and is no longer in development.

EasyGUI is lightweight, platform independent, but highly optimized for STM32 Chrom-ART DMA2D peripheral for drawing operations.



  • Platform independent, written in C99
  • Highly optimized for STM32 Chrom-ART accelerator
  • Low-level layer separated of high level API)
  • Windows 98 design by default
  • Supports windows based widgets and easy API to create custom widget on demand
  • Support for multitouch
  • Support for touch events (click, double click, move, etc) and gestures (zoom in, zoom out, etc)
  • Support for keyboard input
  • Support for UTF-8 API
  • Support for multilanguage
  • Support for complete event-driven programming design with Model-View architecture
  • Support for different image depths and display resolutions
  • Support for custom memory management system to optimize RAM usage
  • User friendly MIT license


Fresh contributions are always welcome. Simple instructions to proceed::

  1. Fork Github repository
  2. Respect C style & coding rules used by the library
  3. Create a pull request to develop branch with new features or bug fixes

Alternatively you may:

  1. Report a bug
  2. Ask for a feature request
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