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Lightweight dynamic memory manager

Read first: Documentation


  • Written in C (C11), compatible with size_t for size data types
  • Implements standard C library functions for memory allocation, malloc, calloc, realloc and free
  • Uses first-fit algorithm to search for free block
  • Supports multiple allocation instances to split between memories and/or CPU cores
  • Supports different memory regions to allow use of fragmented memories
  • Highly configurable for memory allocation and reallocation
  • Supports embedded applications with fragmented memories
  • Supports automotive applications
  • Supports advanced free/realloc algorithms to optimize memory usage
  • Operating system ready, thread-safe API
  • C++ wrapper functions
  • User friendly MIT license


Fresh contributions are always welcome. Simple instructions to proceed:

  1. Fork Github repository
  2. Follow C style & coding rules already used in the project
  3. Create a pull request to develop branch with new features or bug fixes

Alternatively you may:

  1. Report a bug
  2. Ask for a feature request