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Final Fantasy VIII FF8 AIO modding toolkit
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FF8 Rinoa's Toolset

FF8 All-in-one modding toolset is almost complete tool to rip and view various Final Fantasy VIII objects.

Features - 3D

  • Battle Stages + original texture mixing to get texture 1:1 as in-game
  • World Map vehicles
  • World Map segments
  • World Map train track visualizer
  • World Map train track editor
  • Guardian Forces environment objects

Features - Other

  • English dialogs decoding from raw files
  • Searcher for development paths inside FF8
  • Namedic.bin editor
  • LZSS decompressor
  • Archive extractor
  • Wm2field editor
  • Movie unpacker
  • TIM support
  • TEX support

Battle Stage support features

  • View in real-time 3D any Battle Stage
  • Hide and inspect segments
  • View UV layout on texture!
  • Directly modify vertices with real-time preview
  • Convert segments to single OBJ file!
  • Get final rendered texture as in game [mixing textures with original algorithm]
  • Convert OBJ model to FFVIII ! [Beta]
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