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base fork: MaKleSoft/enyo
base: 66675c64a9
head fork: MaKleSoft/enyo
compare: c5e2c0878f
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Commits on Mar 15, 2012
@azakus azakus When detecting a platform, stop searching when we find one. 1d7297a
Commits on Mar 16, 2012
@azakus azakus name default causes problems 284071e
@azakus azakus missing semicolon dd648c8
@azakus azakus fix style in logging 0c9c8f8
@azakus azakus Remove log from valueChanged, Android 2 has no RichText 2af09c9
Commits on Mar 19, 2012
@azakus azakus UglifyJS 1.2.6 d6e242d
@frankiefu frankiefu using maxTop and maxLeft from getScrollBounds() to check if it can
scroll vertically/horizontally
@azakus azakus textarea does not use value attribute to update node property, kick i…
…t again in rendered
Scott Miles Make sure destroyed Ajax objects do fire callbacks. f164ed9
Scott Miles promote job.js to kernel 040d24d
Scott Miles support 'type' property for Input (simply mapped to 'type' attribute) 45de629
Scott Miles move css to the top f3e2a3f
Scott Miles Merge branch 'master' of
@frankiefu frankiefu TouchScrollStrategy: add touch-scroll-stragegy-container class to
the scroller.
@frankiefu frankiefu Merge branch 'master' of 5312e7d
Commits on Mar 20, 2012
Steve Orvell * on IE8, patch events so that they contain a preventDefault method. …
…It sets event.returnValue = false;
Commits on Mar 21, 2012
Steve Orvell * move generation of hold, holdpulse, release, flick to drag module.
* release occurs only if a small hysterisis is satisfied
* flick event coordinates are now the location where the pointer went down rather than up.
* track drags with clientX/Y rather than pageX/Y for IE8 compatibility.
Steve Orvell * drag: avoid using sqrt for hysteresis calculation. 49087cf
Steve Orvell * untargeted events no longer generate an exception when using event.…
@frankiefu frankiefu remove .bin folder 7d72034
@frankiefu frankiefu Merge branch 'master' of a7fddf9
Steve Orvell remove logging. bcf0c4e
Steve Orvell Merge branch 'master' of c848092
@azakus azakus remove rows attribute, style with width and height 68262c7
Stuart Eichert Correct spelling (thiese to these) in source/dom/Control.js 0010498
@azakus azakus Merge pull request #40 from palm-stuart-eichert/correct-spelling-thie…

Correct spelling (thiese to these) in source/dom/Control.js
Scott Miles modify locateScript to return the path minus the file name, instead o…
…f the path minus the matched suffix: to allow loading packages like "foo-package.js" via script tag
Scott Miles Merge branch 'master' of 819c157
@azakus azakus Add check for kindle fire, list as = 2 d3c5e7e
Stuart Eichert Correct various spelling mistakes in Javascript comments 9bbacb2
@sjmiles sjmiles Merge pull request #41 from palm-stuart-eichert/correct-spelling-mist…

Correct various spelling mistakes in Javascript comments
Commits on Mar 22, 2012
@unwiredben unwiredben Fix Scott's earlier commit for <script> tags that have have no path s…
…eparators in the src attribute, verified with foo-package.js case as well
@azakus azakus create path if minified files are not in local directory b303faf
Steve Orvell * promote -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; setting to body ff7750f
Steve Orvell * allow requireTouchmove property to be set via dragging (note: this …
…property exists to signal that a touchmove should go unprevented (needed to support native scrolling) and it's used within a hierarchy that would otherwise prevent touchmove).
Steve Orvell * add onpostresize event. 7ccf2f1
Commits on Mar 23, 2012
Scott Miles minor cruft removal 9f124f9
Scott Miles add helper class 2872780
Scott Miles Merge branch 'master' of e2535e6
Commits on Mar 24, 2012
@onecrayon onecrayon Added path.existsSync check before building the output directory to p…
…revent build errors that will abort the minify
Commits on Mar 25, 2012
@azakus azakus Merge pull request #43 from onecrayon/minifier-fix
Prevents minify.js from exiting with an error when output folder already exists
Commits on Mar 27, 2012
Steve Orvell * fitting body now overflows auto by default (helps defeat ios page s…

* fitting apps now clip via overflow: hidden.
Steve Orvell * x-plat gesture events now have disablePrevention() method which mak…
…es calling preventNativeDefault do nothing (helpful for filtering the prevention of native events); replaces the requireTouchmove flag.

* move event: while mouse is down, now includes delta info from last down event
Steve Orvell * Scroller: fixed onScroll so it works with ScrollStrategy.
* ScrollStrategy: removed edge boundary detection as it should no longer be needed to defeat page scrolling; added drag propagation filtering.
* TouchScrollStrategy: drags should now propagate to containing scrollers if possible; added onShouldDrag event to facilitate this; minor refactoring
* TranslateScrollStrategy: optimized scroller for platforms on which transform is the fastest way to effect scrolling (noteably Android 3+)
Steve Orvell * Scroller: removed nofit setting and added maxHeight. Sometimes a sc…
…roller's height should be dynamic up to a maximum size. We now support this via an explicit maxHeight setting. The value is any valid css style for the max-height property.
@unwiredben unwiredben Update package.json for beta 4 f4740c9
@frankiefu frankiefu TouchScrollStrategy: fix maxHeight checking for adding enyo-fit to the
Commits on Mar 28, 2012
Scott Miles use enyo.nop as fallback to prevent throwing an exception when callin…
…g this.inherited when no inherited method exists
Scott Miles add default Enyo font string 7f0af01
Steve Orvell * TouchScrollStrategy stops scrolling before querying info about the …
Steve Orvell Merge branch 'master' of ef7b23a
Steve Orvell * TranslateScrollStrategy: scrolling node is now emitted by the strat…
…egy rather than being the scroller's node itself.
Steve Orvell * TouchScrollStrategy: while scrolling, don't query dom for scrollTop…
Scott Miles remove generated test from teardownChildren 06d71f6
@azakus azakus Allow Opera to overscroll in TouchScrollStrategy 5ce3498
Commits on Mar 29, 2012
Steve Orvell * TouchScrollStrategy: add isScrolling, isOverscrolling; reject high …
…frequency mousewheel input; add getOverscrollBounds.
Steve Orvell * make flicking faster. 81acec0
@azakus azakus transform graduated from onyx to enyo 7021662
@azakus azakus Touch scrollers now have scroll thumbs cd8148d
@azakus azakus hide thumbs by default, accelerate thumb 4166822
Commits on Mar 30, 2012
@azakus azakus fix overscroll getting stuck 79114ec
@azakus azakus fix for android 2 not really supporting translate3d 538adf0
@azakus azakus accelerate the thumb if it can be accelerated 127ba44
@azakus azakus spell accelerate correctly b4e06cf
@azakus azakus figure out which transform style we need, avoid setting every possibl…
…e one
@azakus azakus move thumb show back into scrollMathStart 4db91cb
@azakus azakus optomize by aborting on thumbs that will never show 59058d1
@azakus azakus less complicated dom application 7630b5a
@azakus azakus Touch scrollers on all platforms by default, android 3 and 4 should u…
…se TranslateScrollStrategy for performance
@azakus azakus show thumbs if scrollLeft or scrollTop is programmatically set c9c56e2
@azakus azakus fix scroll thumb disappearing early when scrolling while thumb is sho…
@azakus azakus make enyo.Scroller.touchScrolling = true work correctly on Android 3 …
…and 4 devices
@azakus azakus use enyo.job for delayHide a74c1b8
@azakus azakus make sure thumbs are not hidden when scrolls happen after scrollStop 38a4996
Commits on Mar 31, 2012
@azakus azakus remove fallback "throw all of them on" loop, fix getStyleTransformPro…
…p document.body check
@azakus azakus enable/disable thumbs for touch scrollers from Scroller kind 1a73c44
@azakus azakus sigh, no 3d transforms for IE, translate + translateZ slower than tra…
…nslate3d on android 4
Commits on Apr 01, 2012
@azakus azakus less awkward translate property setting 7afc48d
Commits on Apr 02, 2012
@azakus azakus IE 10 has a requestAnimationFrame 0259169
@azakus azakus wow, meant translate and translate3d 65e7760
Steve Orvell * reduce flick a bit
* ensure minimum frame time that corresponds to 60fps
Steve Orvell * TouchScrollStrategy: accelerate scroller if possible; show thumbs w…
…henever dom scroll position changes; slight refactoring of transform code.

* TranslateScrollStrategy: replace scroll position with translation completely when scrolling rather than augmenting it.
Steve Orvell * Thumb: memoize more scroll information; correct thumb positioning a…
…t end overscroll.
@frankiefu frankiefu add scrollToControl fb7f84c
Steve Orvell * changed method preventNativeDefault to preventDefault in enyo x-pla…
…t events. Previous name was hard to remember.
Steve Orvell Merge branch 'master' of 2716839
@azakus azakus use enyo.indexOf for transform check 574791b
@azakus azakus make hasTouchScrolling the default check for touch scrolling, hasNati…
…veScrolling is correct again
@azakus azakus fix use of enyo.indexOf 4f4bf0e
@frankiefu frankiefu add inAlignWithTop to scrollToControl d14f50e
Commits on Apr 03, 2012
Steve Orvell * add support for mousewheel in Firefox fb14e12
Steve Orvell * make Scrolling work with mousewheel in IE. 6ec9c01
Steve Orvell * Scroller: add touch property. Set to true at create time to make th…
…e scroller select a platform appropriate touch strategy (same as enyo.Scroller.touchScrolling but for the given scroller only)
Steve Orvell * TouchScrollStrategy: IE no longer resets scroll position when thumb…
… is hidden.
Steve Orvell * TouchScrollStrategy: edit comment. cbf870e
Steve Orvell * Thumb: slightly alter styling to make a little thinner and clean up…
… corner
Steve Orvell * TouchScrollStrategy: correct overscroll bounds calculation b37d472
Steve Orvell * flick: attempt to make flick calculation more accurate; testing in …
Steve Orvell * flick: slightly simplify calculation. 4e15f5c
Commits on Apr 04, 2012
@azakus azakus use a loop instead of a long chain of ifs, for visual clarity ea2add7
@azakus azakus comment on the new structure of the requsetAnimationFrame feature detect ab59832
Commits on Apr 05, 2012
@frankiefu frankiefu Scroller: add scrollToNode d99384d
Steve Orvell * gesture/drag:
 - prevent exceptions generated when receiving a down without an up;
 - only generate a tap event if the left mouse button / finger have been depressed
Steve Orvell * TouchScrollStrategy: address thumb compatibility with Android 4.04 …
…by making thumb hide immediately and avoiding compositing the scroll container.
Commits on Apr 06, 2012
@unwiredben unwiredben Change noDom: true into tag: null 81e1100
@azakus azakus Remove extraneous variable 9917f75
@azakus azakus More commenting in requestAnimationFrame 7f6679a
@azakus azakus Turn on allowHtml by default for RichText, document that it can be a …
…security issue in some situations
@azakus azakus Make enyo.forEach and conform to ES5 spec, Fixes #6 and #7 6f31bf3
Commits on Apr 07, 2012
@azakus azakus Handle cases where arguments.callee.caller is not defined (bound
@azakus azakus Remove enyo._hitchArgs, enyo.bind will use native bind if available.
Fixes #9
@azakus azakus fix forEach to closer match spec e0a6b3f
Commits on Apr 09, 2012
@frankiefu frankiefu allow html in test report output 3114b2e
@frankiefu frankiefu Merge branch 'master' of 54f2947
@azakus azakus flip args in to make more logical sense 8f24ed7
@unwiredben unwiredben Added documentation for cacheBust parameter for enyo.Ajax a3b8f96
@frankiefu frankiefu use postBody if it is set; otherwise use params for post content 6cefce0
@azakus azakus allow for all-in-one builds 21ab634
Commits on Apr 10, 2012
Steve Orvell * remove overflow: auto from html tag when fitting to document; this …
…was never needed, odd, and sometimes caused Android 4.04 to refuse to hide nodes with display: none.
Steve Orvell * Scroller: cleanup event propagation; added preventScrollPropagation…
… which will not allow a scroller to see scroll events from a nested scroller.

* TranslateScrollStrategy: correct bug which applied a height to the scroll content node. This is wrong and lead to scrollHeight being incorrectly calculated in an arcane case.
Steve Orvell * TouchScrollStrategy: alter mousewheel handling so can mousewheel sc…
…roll when a scroll is in progress.
@azakus azakus Revert "allow for all-in-one builds"
This sould be solved a different way.
This reverts commit 21ab634.
Steve Orvell * TouchScrollStrategy: cleanup classes added to scroller bits
* TranslateScrollStrategy: correct a bug with applying dom scroll position after scroll animation has completed. Toggling display on content inside a translate3d'd region can alter the scroll bounds of the surrounding container (if scroll bounds are unexpected, scroll position will not be as expected). We now detect if bounds are not expected and remove/re-apply the translate3d in this case, which fixes the problem. This appears to be a webkit bug.
Steve Orvell Merge branch 'master' of a2afcad
Scott Miles add xhrFields object for easy injection of properties into the raw xh…
…r object, promote Jsonp to core
Scott Miles propagate return value from the meta-constructor through the real con…
Scott Miles Merge branch 'master' of 3d7a98c
@azakus azakus add enyo.filter, and enyo.keys functions (Array.filter, Object.keys) 704eda4
Commits on Apr 11, 2012
Scott Miles rename 'xhr' method to 'request', after go reference to 'xhr' object …
…is available in 'xhr' property
Scott Miles Merge branch 'master' of f87a414
Steve Orvell * Scroller: correctly propagate a dom scroll such that it becomes an …
…onScroll event.
Commits on Apr 12, 2012
Scott Miles give domCssText (applyStyle styles) precedence over style (string sty…
Commits on Apr 13, 2012
Scott Miles Merge branch 'master' of 9450401
Steve Orvell * drag: add x/yDirection to drag events. reports the direction of the…
… drag, +1 means right, down, -1 means left, up.
Steve Orvell * Scroller: add scrollToBottom/Right methods. a5ff22c
Steve Orvell * TranslateScrollStrategy: make content cover scroller at a minimum i…
…f there's not maxHeight setting
Commits on Apr 16, 2012
Scott Miles no-op on render() if Control has a non-generated parent, fixes #54 ; …
…use enyo.path.rewrite on 'src' property when installing as attribute
Scott Miles fix doc typo d1b1ce0
Scott Miles Merge branch 'master' of 442666d
Scott Miles promote Frankie's ajax test work to core, fixes #49 f8a16b2
@frankiefu frankiefu add tests for xhrFields and contentType e1b79b2
Commits on Apr 17, 2012
@unwiredben unwiredben CSS Lint-suggested improvements in dom.css & Thumb.css 96295a6
@unwiredben unwiredben JSHint suggested changes, mostly semicolon insertion or fixing variab…
…le scope
Scott Miles fixes #32, fixes #55 5f10be7
Scott Miles whitespace only: indent doc comments 1134f75
Scott Miles Merge branch 'master' of 4bd2eb8
Scott Miles undo JSHint inspired breakage in loader.js afabb8b
@unwiredben unwiredben Add basic documentation for enyo.Async a743161
@frankiefu frankiefu fix incorrect code in waterfallDown bc076f8
@frankiefu frankiefu Merge branch 'master' of 6dd4a6f
Commits on Apr 18, 2012
Scott Miles redo work for #55 f372057
Scott Miles #55 is harder than we thought ebf6df5
@onecrayon onecrayon Added quotes around paths in minify script to allow spaces in path na…
…mes, etc.
@unwiredben unwiredben Merge pull request #56 from onecrayon/master
Adds quotes around paths in to prevent breakage when spaces are in path
@frankiefu frankiefu fix another incorrect code in UiComponent.waterfallDown e4a21ec
Commits on Apr 19, 2012
Steve Orvell * Scroller: added an optional scrim to TouchScrollStrategy; can impro…
…ve performance on Android when scrolling large, complex regions. also added getStrategy method to scroller to access the scroll strategy.
Commits on Apr 20, 2012
Steve Orvell * Scroller: factor creation of strategy for easier overriding. 254e4d1
Scott Miles fixes #57 2e43ef7
Scott Miles use "$enyo" macro in lib alias instead of the explicit enyo path, in …
…case the user changes that path later
Scott Miles see #57 7fd2b8f
Scott Miles Fixes #54, adjustment. 5dab7d9
Scott Miles adjust comment style only 11829c8
Steve Orvell * Scroller: add scrollTop/Left methods. 2b982bf
Steve Orvell * drag: remove unhelpful log message. 7122dc0
Scott Miles Merge branch 'master' of 9cbe2f8
Commits on Apr 24, 2012
Scott Miles Move loader.js from source to root so that the build tools can use it…
… after enyo/source is removed
Scott Miles Escape a quote-mark for the sake of the parser cc12b54
Steve Orvell * drag: add ddx/ddy to note change in drag since last drag event (und…
…er review)
Steve Orvell * ScrollMath: add a maximum flick setting. a9c935b
Steve Orvell * TouchScrollStrategy: override default move event handling. No need …
…to disable prevention.
Scott Miles dom.css tweaks 98e32d9
Scott Miles Merge branch 'master' of b8aac79
Scott Miles update walker.js for new loader.js location 89d7901
Commits on Apr 26, 2012
@unwiredben unwiredben Update Repeater docs to emphasize the need to return true from the on…
…SetupRow handler.
Commits on Apr 27, 2012
Steve Orvell * Scroller, TouchScrollStrategy: add stabilize method to ensure scrol…
…ler is in bounds

* ScrollMath: limit maximum flick velocity when on Android > 2; this will minimize compositing artifacts; add stabilize method to ensure scroller is in bounds.
* ScrollStrategy: refactor scroll bounds calculation
* TranslateScrollStrategy: add translateOptimized setting which if true will increase the fluidity of scrolling animation at the cost of making focused inputs always visible.
@frankiefu frankiefu TranslateScrollStrategy: setScrollTop/Left uses stablize instead of
@azakus azakus yeah, that should return there f5bb327
Commits on May 01, 2012
@azakus azakus Simulate two finger gestures for non iOS devices ab715ea
Steve Orvell * promote Animator to enyo/ui. 9a7cce8
Steve Orvell * Input/RichText: add defaultFocus property. 389d306
Steve Orvell * Popup: promote to enyo/ui 8deca4f
Commits on May 02, 2012
@unwiredben unwiredben Fix mention of onyx in comments in FloatingLayer.js to enyo fc89a9b
Scott Miles tweak syntax to make life easier for analyzer 69148d2
Scott Miles tweak comment 95cf791
Scott Miles support setting 'type' via 'attributes' 277ac91
Scott Miles IMPORTANT: make repeater automatically render after build, and automa…
…tically build if 'rows' changes
Scott Miles Merge branch 'master' of b365ee0
Scott Miles move minify up one folder 764edd5
Commits on May 03, 2012
Steve Orvell gesture: fix issue 65 115897e
@azakus azakus Range check node attributes. Fixes #64 455199a
@azakus azakus add enyo.platform feature detection for touch and gesture events 568ecae
Commits on May 04, 2012
Scott Miles now minify to a build folder that is peer to enyo (no longer inside o…
…f enyo)
Scott Miles move 'exmples' to 'support' 705bcfd
Scott Miles promote PhoneGap.js to core ea3cad1
Steve Orvell * transform: allow acceleration to be unapplied. 5418dfe
Steve Orvell * TranslateScrollStrategy: add a twiddle method to correct scrolling …
…artifacts on Android 4.04. This is one way to address a bad css compositing bug on this os and when it's gone or there's a better method, we will excise this.
Steve Orvell Merge branch 'master' of c0136ac
Jim Tang Editing comments for Object.js c383d9e
Jim Tang Refer to _published_ as a hash, not an array. a25f6c2
@sjmiles sjmiles Merge pull request #68 from jdtang/master
Edits for comments in Objects.js
@unwiredben unwiredben Make executable 9f0e881
Commits on May 07, 2012
@frankiefu frankiefu ScrollStrategy: utility method to check if a give node isInView 3ab11b8
Jim Tang Edits for Oop.js/enyo.kind comments 34bcba6
@sjmiles sjmiles Merge pull request #69 from jdtang/master
Edits for Oop.js/enyo.kind comments
Jim Tang Edits for comments in ajax kinds a291053
Jim Tang Edits for comments in ajax kinds c8ac9ff
Jim Tang Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 3d8e4ac
Jim Tang Edits for lang.js 5a049ed
@azakus azakus IE fix from Input oninput event, onInputChange -> onRealtimeChange 70bddb2
@azakus azakus Fix event flow of onchange, onRealtimeChange added when setting throu…
…gh API
Commits on May 08, 2012
Scott Miles fix api tool build 44f6248
Scott Miles rearrange tests 1b9a0da
Scott Miles introduce WebService component, factor out AjaxProperties (?) 23dc0f5
Scott Miles Merge branch 'master' of 45e88e0
Jim Tang Resolving merge conflicts with changes from Scott 0f643d7
@sjmiles sjmiles Merge pull request #70 from jdtang/master
Edits for comments in ajax kinds and lang.js
Jim Tang Edits for ajax and kernel kinds 038384a
Jim Tang Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 0d7a95f
@sjmiles sjmiles Merge pull request #71 from jdtang/master
Edits for comments in ajax and kernel kinds
@azakus azakus remove extra log 24e157f
Commits on May 09, 2012
Scott Miles comment tweaks d9fe77e
@azakus azakus onRealtimeChange is really a duplicate of oninput and onchange, remov…
…ing. Fixes #61
@azakus azakus Remove notifyContainer call, set type to checkbox using published pro…
Commits on May 10, 2012
Scott Miles document raison d'etre for setPropertyValue 1568158
Scott Miles IMPORTANT: radically alter event dispatchery in Component, should be …
…transparent for the most part, modulo breakage
Scott Miles IMPORTANT: Rebuild Repeater with better API and proper event support eb5a288
Scott Miles Merge branch 'master' of 3c4c6b3
Scott Miles 'count' instead of 'items' in Repeater b58033b
Scott Miles protect against waterfall sending null inEvent to decorateEvent c9ac2a9
Scott Miles 'inSender' was wrong for delegates 48bc530
Scott Miles make sure go() in enyo.Async is async b4c11f6
Scott Miles doc comment updates 1705717
Scott Miles Merge branch 'master' of feb5181
@azakus azakus properties that fire events on changes should be initialized in rende…
…red to avoid errors
@azakus azakus allow "active: true" to be set on a Checkbox component at initialization 5805fd6
@unwiredben unwiredben Add documentation comment about enyo.Repeater.setCount always re-rend…
…ering behavior
@azakus azakus way simpler way to handle active: true 0e3f8db
@azakus azakus make group.setActive(control) to do control.setActive(true) 85b2c78
@azakus azakus Revert previous change, intention is to use <control>.setActive(true)…
…, and never <Group>.setActive(<control>)
@azakus azakus Revert "Revert previous change, intention is to use <control>.setActi…
…ve(true), and never <Group>.setActive(<control>)"

This reverts commit e2f26b2.
@azakus azakus back to the way it was before, removing extraneous line 9451d5a
Commits on May 11, 2012
@frankiefu frankiefu ScrollStrategy: check if scrollNode exists ab66fc5
Jim Tang Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 9a0612f
@azakus azakus Clean up RichText api 19eed50
Jim Tang Editing comments for Control.js b5e121d
Jim Tang Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 9a8dfa4
Jim Tang Edits for comments in drag.js 31c9485
Jim Tang Edits for drag.js and gesture.js cf594c1
Jim Tang I don't think these files are supposed to be executable 1d2e939
Commits on May 12, 2012
@sjmiles sjmiles Merge pull request #73 from jdtang/master
Edits for comments in dom kinds