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PirateChest is example modding project for PirateBox
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# Modification for
#  by Matthias Strubel
#     17-06-2012         licenced GPL-3

PirateChest is an example modification project for PirateBox.
It show how to create your own piratebox_ws_img.tar.gz file.

The concept of the PirateChest is more like a traditional Chest the old pirates covered on a lonely island. After you found it, you want to open it. The (wifi) PirateChest opens for downloading its content after enough data from other users was uploaded.

Is this upload quote arrived, the www folders get exchanged and you see a new flash page and gets the link to the download link.

======> It's not completly finished yet <=======

You are allowed to fork this project and make your own stuff with it. You can simply copy it over new repositories.
The main stuff is located on the Makefile.

You can overwrite Variables in mod/data/hook_custom.conf 
   or simply have a look in Makefile there is point which shows how you can exchane config-file

After you run 
   # make 

You recieve a new piratebox_ws_img.tar.gz which contains your stuff.
Put this file on your USB-DEVICE .

If you have a already installed piratebox, run
   # /etc/init.d/piratebox stop
   # /etc/init.d/piratebox updatePB
This takes your new Image in place and with 
   # /etc/init.d/piratebox start
it comes in action with initialization..

If you want to install a new piratebox, place the piratebox_ws_img.tar.gz to the USB Stick before starting the install. This will cause the piratebox install to take the file on your usb stick instead of downloading the not modded one.

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