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#  Installs Forban for Openwrt-Piratebox.
# (c)2012 Matthias Strubel
#  Licenced under GPL-3

Forban: adulau/Forban

Depends on mkPirateBox. MkPirateBox installs Python, which is needed for Forban.

The following steps will be done with the Makefile:
  * Fetch current Version of Forban 
  * Basic configure Forban in relation to mkPirateBox
  * Pack an Imagefile together

Default configuration contains the following things:
  * Forban folder only has 20MB spacc
  * Link to PirateBox-Share is created on startup
  * logging is running in INFO mode
  * loggingsizemax 1000
  * Default running mode is "shared"
  * Announceintervall is reduced to "only 60" seconds
  * Indexrebuild every 5 anouncements ( 5 Minutes )

Keep in mind:
  * Forban is a very heavy piece of software and you Box WILL slow down!
  * Because of this the boot-up time will increase !

  * See: 

Why is Forban running in shared mode on default (the following stuff is written in optimistic view, that PB-Mesh works quite well) ?
  * Harvest everything might create law trouble with content you really not want (i.e. Porno (and that is the not so problematic stuff))
  * If every Box runs in opportunistic mode, so that every box redistributes the downloaded files, you won't be able to remove the unwanted stuff.
  * You have still the possibility to enable the oppurtunistice mode if you want
  * You will see the other forban-PirateBox in an overview and you are able to access them directly for downloading files.

Switching to opportunistic mode?
  * login and change /opt/forban/cfg/forban.cfg  modes line from "shared" to "opportunistic"
  * Default download-to directory is the PirateBox-Shared folder


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