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src/rsmg Renamed the Pistol item class to LaserPistol. May 21, 2012

Group 8 - Robots Stole My Girlfriend

Daniel Jonsson, Johan Grönvall and Johan Rignäs.


  • doc - Here can all documentation related to the project be found (such as RAD and meeting protocols).
  • lib - Folder for external libraries, such as Slick and JDom.
  • res - Here can images, audio and similar files be found.
  • src - Folder for all code.
  • test - Folder for all test classes.

How to Run The Game

  1. Clone the project. Probably with git clone
  2. Open Eclipse.
  3. Import the project into Eclipse.
  4. Compile the project and run it.

Map Editor


The map editor can be found on the following URL:

How to use a map in RSMG

  1. Create a map with the map editor.
  2. Put the map in Robots-Stole-My-Girlfriend/res/data/level/ and name it LevelX.xml.
  3. Start the game and the map should be available on the level selection screen.