This ~30 seconds long Android game brings you the joy to punish (... and kill ...) Tommie Podzemski and Jezper Söderlund from the successful Swedish tech podcast Slashat!
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Slashat: The Game

Featured graphic

Author: Daniel "MaTachi" Jonsson
Tools: Eclipse, GIMP, Aseprite
Development platform: Ubuntu 12.10
Libraries: LibGDX, Artemis, Universal Tween Engine, Box2D
Made during March 2013 for One Game A Month

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Install on your Android device from Google Play

Slashat: The Game is available on Google Play for your Android device.

File formats


The code I have written is licensed under GNU GPLv3. The images I have made, which are all in images/, images-dev/ and blog/ except the Slashat logo and photo of Tommie, are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0). The particle effects are also made by me and are licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

LibGDX is available under Apache License 2.0 [link].
Artemis is available under New BSD License. [link].
Box2D is available under zlib License. [link].
Universal Tween Engine is available under Apache License 2.0 [link].

The fonts being used are Rase GPL and EptKazoo which are licensed under SIL Open Font License.

Music being used:

Explosion sound effect:

Texture packer

rm slashat-the-game-android/assets/sprites/sprites.{atlas,png} ; java -classpath slashat-the-game/libs/gdx.jar:slashat-the-game/libs/gdx-tools.jar images slashat-the-game-android/assets/sprites sprites