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+.TH osmpbf-outline 1 LOCAL
+osmpbf-outline - outline the content of an .osm.pbf or .osh.pbf file
+.B osmpbf-outline
+.B --color
+.I filename
+.I osmpbf-outline
+generates an colored outline an .osm.pbf or .osh.pbf file, revealing its inner structure.
+It does not decode all information nor does it check for of possible misstakes, but it will
+warn on some bad misstakes one can make when generating .osm.pbf files.
+This tool can be used by authors of .osm.pbf readers and writers and is useful to understand
+the inner blob/block structure of .osm.pbf files.
+Its sourcecode is heavily documented and can be used as a good start on how to read- and write
+.osm.pbf files with C++
+.TP 5
+.B -c --color
+usually colorization is disabled when writing to a file descriptor that is no tty (eg. when
+the output is piped to a file or to a pager like to more or less). Some pagers can handle ANSI
+color code (
+.I more
+can, less can when invoked as
+.I less -R
+). To enforce colorization when working with such pagers, specify the
+.B --color
+osmpbf-outline germany.osm.pbf
+ Peter Koerner <>
+ Jochen Topf <>

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