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Algorithm for OpenStreetMap ODbL transition.

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This is example (but working) code for the algorithm for the transition from CC-BY-SA to ODbL data. At this stage all the methods are mocked out, but future development will add the ability to run this against an apidb format database, or possibly a live API.


To run this, you'll need Ruby (probably >=1.9.3) and the 'text' gem. Then you'll be able to run:

ruby test.rb

which will run the full range of unit tests. The test files can also be individually run to concentrate on some aspects of the suite.

Test-Driven Development

This code is intended to be read as a test-driven development. It's very hard to read most code when it implements a complex algorithm, especially when it is expected to be read by anyone not fluent in the language of choice (i.e: Ruby). In order to improve the understandability of the code, this project is intended to be test-driven, with well-commented tests to define the functionality. Hopefully these tests are quite easy to read, without being a ruby expert.

Tests can be found in the various files prefixed 'test_'. For example tests_node.rb contains a set of tests to run just involving nodes, and this is a good place to start. You'll find tests which describe nodes being created, moved, and having tags changed by various users (license change agreers and disagreers in various combinations). A test then the gives the expected resulting actions which a bot should be deciding upon, to put the node in a clean state, and to redact versions from the editing history.

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