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This plugin adds the following features to Etherpad:

  • User-Management System
  • Group-Management System
  • Optionally allow register of new users
  • Optionally allow public pads
  • Opyionally allow users to recover their password
  • Administration interface



This version requires Etherpad v1.8.4 Tested on Node 10.22.0


In order to use this plugin you have to configure Etherpad to use MySQL as backend database.

At the moment you still cannot install the plugin from the administrator interface so you have to clone it:

Fron the root folder of your etherpad installation run

npm install

Copy email.json.template to email.json and edit it using your email preferences

Then use the provided SQL script to create the schema:

mysql -u USER -p < sql_listing.sql

This pluging has been developed for an Etherpad installation with reverse proxy under a subpath (e.g. ) For now you still need to add the following line in your Vhost config, in order to redirect properly non-logged in users

RedirectMatch Permanent ^/login$ /etherpad/login  

where /etherpad/ is the name of your subpath.

It should also work for an installation without Reverse Proxy, but it has not been tested.


Once installed the plugin login as admin into your etherpad installation e.g. https://youretherpadinstallation/admin
Click on 'Users and groups' tab on the left column.

From this area you can create groups, invite users and define settings for the installation.
Users will be able to manage groups, invitations and pads from the front end.


It is based in these other plugins that were unmaintained at the time of the development:

Known alternatives to this plugin