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Python prototype of the AlterPCB editor
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AlterPCB Python Prototype

AlterPCB is an open-source, cross-platform PCB design program. This is the Python prototype version. The 'real' (C++) version can be found here:

Getting started

This program is usable, but very slow and not user-friendly. Incorrect use can produce errors, I have no intention to fix this since this was only a prototype. I do not offer any support for this. Please do not e-mail me questions, bug reports or feature requests, they will probably be ignored.

A few example PCBs can be found in pcb_biastee_maarten and pcb_chip1_testboard.

You can start the program by running:

./ <dir1> <dir2> ...

The directories are used to load AlterPCB libraries. AlterPCB does not make a distiction between footprint libraries and PCB documents like most other PCB tools do - it's all the same. So usually you want to load both the 'components' directory (which contains basic components like resistors) as well as your project directory. For example:

./ components pcb_biastee_maarten

All features are actived by hotkeys. Press F1 to see a list of all hotkeys and their function.

The code has never been tested on any platform other than Linux. In theory it should be cross-platform, but some steps (e.g. Gerber export) require command-line tools like zip, which generally aren't available on non-Unix platforms.


GNU GPL v3 - read 'COPYING' for more info.

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