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Universally compatible 60% PCB with minimal layout support and USB-C
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Plain60-C PCB This universal 60% PCB is designed to support as little layouts as possible without limiting usability for most users. The reason I did this is because other PCBs made for this form factor usually have so many supported layouts that it could almost qualify as swiss cheese.

It also features a fuse and an ESD protection chip to protect the MCU and other parts of the PCB.


  • QMK Firmware
  • Compatible with most universal 60% cases and HHKB/WKL Tofu by KBDfans
  • USB type-C
  • ESD protection and fuse
  • No LEDs and no underglow
  • Minimal layout support
  • ISP header

Supported layouts

Supported layouts of the Plain60-C


If you feel like building a few of these PCBs yourself, go to the 'Releases' tab and download the latest gerber files. Order those at your favourite PCB manufacturer, get the components needed (see below) and solder them on! A hot air station is not required but a soldering iron is. Flux is recommended.

Opening the project

To open the files you will need the latest KiCAD nightly version.

Bill of materials (BOM)

Amount is per PCB, multiply as needed.

LCSC part # Description Value Package Amount
C296091 Capacitor 22pF 0805 2
C128353 Capacitor 0.1uF 0805 4
C131056 Capacitor 4.7uF 0805 1
C215803 Capacitor 1uF 0805 1
C53365 Diode 0805 65
C261942 Fuse 0805 1
C165948 Connector SMD/THT 1
C103904 Resistor 10K 0805 2
C147798 Resistor 5.1K 0805 2
C325772 Resistor 22 0805 2
C44854 MCU 32U4 QFP-44 1
C7519 ESD chip SOT23-6 1
C255909 Crystal 16MHz TSX-3225 1
C92584 Switch SMD 1
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