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Web-Development with Clustergrammer

Clustergrammer can be used by developers to add interactive heatmap visualizations to their web pages and web applications (see :ref:`app_integration`).

Embedding Clustergrammer

The Clustergrammer web app can be used to produce visualizations that are embedded into another page using an IFrame; see below:

<iframe id="iframe_preview" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Users can obtain a permanent link to their visualization by manually uploading their data using the Upload section of Clustergrammer-Web's homepage and copying the URL to the full-screen version of their visualization. Alternatively users can programmatically upload their data using the :ref:`clustergrammer_web_api` and obtain their permanent links through the API.

Adding Clustergrammer to a Page

In addition to embedding a visualization hosted by the :ref:`clustergrammer_web` application developers add a Clustergrammer to directly their own page using the core libraries:

Clustergrammer-JS: The front-end :ref:`clustergrammer_js` JavaScript library generates the interactive visualization and can be installed via npm: npm install Clustergrammer. See the :ref:`example_pages` for templates to build a site with your visualization

Clustergrammer-PY: The back-end :ref:`clustergrammer_py` Python library clusters a matrix of data and makes the JSON for the front end and can be installed using pip: pip install --upgrade clustergrammer. See the :ref:`clustergrammer_py_workflow` for examples of how cluster your matrix and generate the :ref:`visualization_json`

To make a page, simply include the :ref:`clustergrammer_js` script in your page and load the pre-calculated :ref:`visualization-JSON <visualization_json>` to generate a visualization (use :ref:`clustergrammer_py` to generate this JSON).

:ref:`clustergrammer_js` can also be included as a node module (see Clustergrammer-Widget source code for an example with Webpack), or can be used with RequireJS (see Clustergrammer RequireJS example).

Jupyter Notebook Webpages

The :ref:`clustergrammer_widget` can also be used in combination with nbviewer to share static Jupyter notebook web pages with embedded interactive Clustergrammer visualizations. This is one of the easiest ways to generate a web page with Clustergrammer visualizations and several of the :ref:`case_studies` are Jupyter notebooks.