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[Cheaper Clicker]

by Team CheaperClicker (Jon Fenn, Connor Mote, Nathan Teeter, and Jacob Winters)


We will create a proof of concept for a digital classroom quizzing system, similar to or the clickers we have used in class. Students will use their phones to answer questions shown on a main projected display. The main display will receive live updates of student responses via server-sent events.


  • QuestionCount int
  • CurrentQuestion int in [1, QuestionCount]
  • Scores SortedSet names->score (names are reserved by creating an entry in Scores)
  • Answers{1..QuestionCount} hash name->answer (as int in [1, 4])
  • Question{1..QuestionCount} hash
    • question: json like '{"question": "What is Redis?","answers": ["A NoSQL database","A breed of dog","The best pizza topping","A flavor of ice cream"]}'
    • ans: int in [1, 4]
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