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Symfony Maker Bundle

PHP 1,049 77 Updated Aug 11, 2018

Twig, the flexible, fast, and secure template language for PHP

PHP 5,226 998 Updated Aug 16, 2018

The Yaml component loads and dumps YAML files.

PHP 1,576 91 Updated Aug 18, 2018

WebServerBundle provides commands for running applications using the PHP built-in web server. It simplifies your local development setup because you don't have to configure a proper web server such…

PHP 534 7 Updated Aug 1, 2018

The WebProfilerBundle provides detailed technical information about each request execution and displays it in both the web debug toolbar and the profiler.

HTML 707 29 Updated Aug 19, 2018

The VarDumper component provides mechanisms for walking through any arbitrary PHP variable. Built on top, it provides a better dump() function that you can use instead of var_dump().

PHP 3,788 45 Updated Aug 10, 2018

The Twig Bundle provides configuration for using Twig in your applications.

PHP 799 13 Updated Aug 1, 2018

Provides integration for Twig with various Symfony components.

PHP 811 30 Updated Aug 18, 2018

Give thanks (in the form of a GitHub ★) to your fellow PHP package maintainers (not limited to Symfony components)!

PHP 4,322 24 Updated Aug 9, 2018

The Symfony PHP framework

PHP 18,311 6,359 Updated Aug 19, 2018

The Stopwatch component provides a way to profile code.

PHP 850 7 Updated Aug 4, 2018

The Routing component maps an HTTP request to a set of configuration variables.

PHP 3,832 59 Updated Aug 10, 2018

A Symfony Pack for Symfony profiler

662 4 Updated Dec 12, 2017

The Process component executes commands in sub-processes.

PHP 3,871 66 Updated Aug 3, 2018

This component provides functions added to PHP 7.2 core.

PHP 1,980 Updated Aug 6, 2018

This component provides a partial, native PHP implementation for the Mbstring extension.

PHP 3,921 13 Updated Aug 18, 2018

The OptionsResolver component is array_replace() on steroids. It allows you to create an options system with required options, defaults, validation (type, value), normalization and more.

PHP 960 25 Updated Aug 4, 2018

Enforces Long Term Supported versions of Symfony components

848 5 Updated Aug 14, 2018

The HttpKernel component provides a structured process for converting a Request into a Response.

PHP 3,856 45 Updated Aug 18, 2018

The HttpFoundation component defines an object-oriented layer for the HTTP specification.

PHP 4,191 187 Updated Aug 8, 2018

The FrameworkBundle defines the main framework configuration, from sessions and translations to forms, validation, routing and more.

PHP 999 65 Updated Aug 19, 2018

Composer plugin for Symfony

PHP 1,535 84 Updated Aug 18, 2018

The Finder component finds files and directories via an intuitive fluent interface.

PHP 3,954 33 Updated Aug 1, 2018

The Filesystem component provides basic utilities for the filesystem.

PHP 1,423 42 Updated Aug 18, 2018

The EventDispatcher component provides tools that allow your application components to communicate with each other by dispatching events and listening to them.

PHP 3,991 35 Updated Aug 1, 2018

Symfony Dotenv parses .env files to make environment variables stored in them accessible via getenv(), $_ENV, or $_SERVER.

PHP 1,010 4 Updated Aug 1, 2018

The DependencyInjection component allows you to standardize and centralize the way objects are constructed in your application.

PHP 1,268 49 Updated Aug 10, 2018

The Debug component provides tools to ease debugging PHP code.

PHP 3,908 28 Updated Aug 3, 2018

The Console component eases the creation of beautiful and testable command line interfaces.

PHP 4,441 140 Updated Aug 1, 2018

The Config component helps you find, load, combine, autofill and validate configuration values of any kind, whatever their source may be (YAML, XML, INI files, or for instance a database).

PHP 1,217 22 Updated Aug 10, 2018