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Passing arguments or environment variables to an app #13

judofyr opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I'm going to use MacGap for tiny utilities on the command-line and need a way to pass arguments to the app.

I guess macgap.env is simplest; then I can simply call (probably wrapping it in a shell script):


Sounds like a plan - make it :)


I just realized that it might be useful to send "messages" to an app that's running. What's the best way to accomplish that? AppleScript?


@judofyr are you hoping to have a non MacGap app send messages to a MacGap app? Or messaging from one MacGap app to another? If it's the second option you can use websocket (although that relies on a server).


@liamks Non MacGap; more precisely: a shell script (which could of course invoke some AppleScript).


At Facebook, I'm writing an app using this. The startup script of my app is a bash script which then launches a node.js app that sets up an http server and then launches the PhoneGap mac binary using the node.js child_process module.
It then communicates with node.js via I need to port it over to MacGap soon.

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