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I have some error in the new macgap- Version:
the old version worked but since i update to the newest macgap- version there this bug.
Hope anybody can explain how to fix it.


maccman commented Feb 24, 2012

What version of OSX/XCode are you using? You on Lion?

I am unsing Max OS X 10.7.3 (Lion) and Xcode 4.2.1.
Do you have any idea whats going wrong?

maccman commented Feb 24, 2012

Nope - that's a weird one. Are you linking the frameworks properly?

I have no idea of how i should link them? kind of a noob in c- programming...

liamks commented Mar 6, 2012

@BeMoreDifferent on the Left side of Xcode there should be a panel listing all the files within MacGap. There should be a folder called Frameworks - Is 'Cocoa.framework' one of the frameworks?

Are you using the ruby gem to create the project? If so try doing a git clone instead:

git clone

to create a new project, and try to run that version.

mattcabb commented Sep 1, 2012

I have the same problem. on the left side of xcode i can see cocoa.framework folder but it's empty - no header file inside. i think that project is referring to path like /system/library/frameworks/cocoa.framework BUT since xcode is now a stand-alone app, path is now /applications/
those who didn't use previous versions of Xcode, don't have frameworks at old location...

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