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When I try to build the app in xcode, I get a protocol declaration error. #58

arun057 opened this Issue · 4 comments

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/MacGap/Classes/Commands/Notice.h:13:31: Cannot find protocol declaration for 'NSUserNotificationCenterDelegate'

from file:
/MacGap/Classes/WebViewDelegate.m:9:9: In file included from /MacGap/Classes/WebViewDelegate.m:9:

any ideas?


I got just the same error.


@douyw I figured it was because either I was not on the new mountain lion or because I didnt have growl installed (is there a dev version? ). Either way, I reverted to a previous version just before growl was included and bam! it worked.

p.s : I think its the new notification center api included with the new os.


@arun057 You are right! Thank you!


I got this error because i wasn't building with Base SDK set to OS X 10.8 in Build Settings.

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