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@vincentorback vincentorback Created Switching on Developer Tools (markdown) 77fecc2
@sharlos sharlos Changed smart quotes to normal ones. 862fbc3
@sharlos sharlos Changed curly apostrophe to normal apostrophe. 2223bab
@colindean colindean Updated Dock (markdown) 7bb06f0
@colindean colindean Add debugging section and clarification that the value set must be a string. 337445d
@brycecammo brycecammo Added links to a couple of how-to's. 10478ca
@brycecammo brycecammo Add title for final result image. 57227e2
@brycecammo brycecammo Initial edit. 1a4fbde
@brycecammo brycecammo Initial edit. cf87bcb
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated Home (markdown) 82c3138
@rawcreative rawcreative Updated MacGap 2 planning (markdown) 5881d0b
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated Notice (markdown) 29890aa
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated MacGap 2 planning (markdown) 7267a0f
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated API changelog (markdown) c22cd9b
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated Notice (markdown) b0015c4
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated MacGap 2 planning (markdown) e53c359
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated MacGap 2 planning (markdown) df1fe11
@rawcreative rawcreative Updated MacGap 2 planning (markdown) 787272a
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated MacGap 2 planning (markdown) f6f201d
@jeff-h jeff-h Created MacGap 2 planning (markdown) e4e9d91
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated Home (markdown) 74e711f
@rawcreative rawcreative Updated Menus (markdown) d5a0185
@rawcreative rawcreative Updated Help us improve MacGap (markdown) bef2fb0
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated _Sidebar (markdown) 328aea8
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated _Sidebar (markdown) 2283d1e
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated _Sidebar (markdown) f69a09a
@jeff-h jeff-h Created _Sidebar (markdown) 2655369
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated API changelog (markdown) 55e6ffb
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated API changelog (markdown) 6b6aa74
@jeff-h jeff-h Updated API Reference (markdown) f0fc0d5
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