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iFetchLyrics can automatically fetch the lyrics for songs in your iTunes music library.
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iFetchLyrics can automatically fetch the lyrics for songs in your macOS Music Library. You can fetch lyrics for all songs in a playlist of your choice at once. The fetched lyrics are stored directly in the music files and are then permanently available in iTunes and for other apps.

System Requirements: iFetchLyrics requires macOS 10.15, and an active internet connection

Accuracy Info: Note that fetching lyrics depends on accurate title and artist information. If your music is not properly 'tagged', consider using a tool like 'MusicBrainz Picard' to automatically correct this information for all your music tracks.

Legal Info: Note that depending on your home country, fetching lyrics may only be legal for music you have legally purchased, or it may not be legal at all. Before continuing make sure you have:

  1. permissions from music copyright holders to fetch lyrics for their music
  2. permissions from,, musixmatch,,,,,, and to fetch lyrics from their websites

Download: Download v2.0 of iFetchLyrics here

Old versions:

Download v1.10 of iFetchLyrics for macOS 10.12 - 10.14 here

Download v1.8 of iFetchLyrics for macOS 10.8 - 10.11 here

Download v1.5 of iFetchLyrics for macOS 10.7 here

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