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Mixtape Animal

With the recent death of the retail record industry, artists are now releasing album-quality mixtapes. They're often free, but finding them is ALWAYS a problem. Between pop-ups, required logins and being forced to use those file hosting sites that limit the download to 50K/sec, I'm over it.


  1. Dat-x-iff Integration and automatic downloading using scrapy (substitute the -x- with p to check the site out)
  2. Create a crowd-sourced rating and mixtape submission portal that will allow all the users to have access to more mixtapes than available at a single source.

Potential Issues

Mixtape sites make money off advertising. If we "hit" their ads and download the music, everyone is happy. If we bypass the advertising they may start adding captchas and other means of dissuding automatic downloading. One way to avoid that is to use the phase 2 Roadmap plan which is to allow users to upload URLs to mixtapes. Once a mixtape url/content has been verified by other users' ratings such as it is done on newzbin, it will be automacally added to the queue of titles to download.


CouchPotato. I like the way you're able to input an anticipated mixtape or already released mixtape and it's automacally downloaded once it becomes available. This relies of a centralized source of validation of the movies, such as "" I'm not sure if there is anything similar for mixtapes which are often released third party.

The last thing I want is joe blow uploading a link to his cousins's brother's terrible mixtape for us all to download.

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