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@mstarke mstarke released this Jan 29, 2020


This update contains more changes to make MacPass behaver better on macOS 10.15 Catalina.


  • Added privacy usage descriptions for all folders to enhance macOS 10.15 Catalina experience
  • Refactored Autotype to use environment for better encapsulation of parameters
  • Better placeholder for search field to clarify location of the search. Also made the search field larger.
  • Center search in 10.14 and above, keep it "centerish" in older systems (fixes #1025 #1026)
  • Added sanity checks to key file selection in unlock screen (fixes #1008)
  • Re-hide MacPass if it was shown only for autotype candidate selection (fixes #964)
  • Use textual date picker instead of graphical one. Fixes #923
  • Add Lock database on Screen Sleep (#998)
  • Disabled currently unused context button for add fields button (fixes #995)
  • Do show info when no recent documents are present in Welcome Window (fixes #996)
  • Updated at now displays a special text if remote updates are disabled
  • Added simple support for import/export plugins via plugin API


  • Removed delayed write of preview files to fix missing preview in macOs 10.15 Catalina (fix #1016)
  • Add Lock database on Screen Sleep (#998)
  • Altered screen recording check to Craig Hockenberry's solution (fixes #993)
  • Fixed broken Key file selection dialog buttons on macOS 10.15 Catalina (fixes #1005)
  • Fixed overlay window image color (#1007 #999 #982)
  • Fixed Cancel search mode while the search field is empty (#945 #946)
  • Fixed resetting of url copy or open after each application launch (fixes #989)

For a complete list of changes see 0.7.10…0.7.11 and the corresponding submodule commits

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