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Does MacPass support <InsertFeatureHere>?

It might. Take a look at the Status page. If you do not find what you've been looking for, report a feature request issue. It might actually get implemented. Someday. By someone :).

Why does MacPass always force me to change my master password?

The Keepass container has two settings to recommend and/or to force a password change after a certain amount of days. This can be set to 0 to force a change every time you open the database. Due to a bug in MacPass 0.4.x the defaults for a newly created database where set to 0. MacPass 0.4 never honoured those two settings, so only if you opened the file on e.g. Keepass you would see a prompt. Since version 0.5 MacPass will display a warning that reminds (or forces) you to change the password.

Password Alert

To fix this issue go to File > Database Settings… and select the Advanced tab. On the bottom there are two check boxes. Uncheck them and save the database.

Password expiration settings

Where do I find the database created by MacPass?

MacPass does not use any special locations. Databases are just files and if you create a new file it's not stored anywhere until you decide to save the file. The location is the one you chose for the file to be saved.