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Listing of Entries

The View is divided in three columns. The group outline, the entry list and an inspector column to edit the entries or groups. The inspector can be toggled to enable a more compact layout wihouth the ability to edit anything.

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Password Generator

The generator can be summoned by pressing the Generate button below the password field or via the menu entry. I'm planning on implementing the improved password quality estimation that is scheduled for the upcoming KeePass 2.2.3 Release.


Application Settings

Settings for the database locking and clipboard clearing.


Database Settings

Edit name and description of the database or Edit the master password and key file in these settings.

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Locked Database

The database can be locked after a certain amount of idle time and/or if the computer goes to sleep.


Custom Fields

Custom Fields. Add, remove, edit.

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List of attachments per entry. QuickLook Support is possible but I have some security concerns. Save, remove and add work as expected.