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# MacRuby implementation of IRB.
# This file is covered by the Ruby license. See COPYING for more details.
# Copyright (C) 2009-2010, Eloy Duran <>
require 'irb/context'
require 'irb/driver'
require 'irb/source'
require 'irb/version'
require 'irb/deprecated'
module IRB
class << self
# This is just here for so the ruby 1.9 IRB will seemingly work, but actually
# loads DietRB, how cunning...
# This will obviously be removed once we've conquered the world.
def start(*)
warn "[!] Note that you are now actually using DietRB (#{IRB::VERSION::STRING})\n"
load File.expand_path('../../bin/dietrb', __FILE__)
alias_method :setup, :start