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3d15cee @alloy Added "else" spec to known good as it doesn't contain any specs atm.
alloy authored
1 *.o
2 .ext
3 dtrace.h
4 lex.c
5 miniprelude.c
6 miniruby
8 parse.c
9 prelude.c
10 revision.h
b4dfa5d @alloy Imported rubyspec and git rake libs from rubinius and added a few Mac…
alloy authored
12 include/ruby/config.h
69f8328 @alloy Added rubyspec:sync:upstream:patches task.
alloy authored
13 spec/ruby
ba40898 @alloy Refactored rubyspec tasks into re-usable class and added the same tas…
alloy authored
14 spec/frozen/upstream_patches
15 mspec_upstream
b49db08 @alloy Added :ffi task to macruby.mspec script. However, they won't run as t…
alloy authored
16 mspec/upstream_patches
17 spec/frozen/optional/ffi/fixtures/build
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