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* MacRuby Debugger Connector.
* This is an interface to the MacRuby runtime when running in debug mode.
* It is used by MacRuby debugger clients, such as macrubyd or Xcode.
* This file when compiled separately must be compiled with garbage collection
* enabled.
* This file is covered by the Ruby license. See COPYING for more details.
* Copyright (C) 2010, Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
typedef unsigned int breakpoint_t;
@interface MacRubyDebuggerConnector : NSObject
NSString *_interpreterPath;
NSMutableArray *_arguments;
NSString *_socketPath;
NSTask *_task;
NSFileHandle *_socket;
NSString *_location;
- (id)initWithInterpreterPath:(NSString *)path arguments:(NSArray *)arguments;
// Execution control.
- (void)startExecution;
- (void)continueExecution;
- (void)stepExecution;
- (void)stopExecution;
// Current state.
- (NSString *)location;
- (NSArray *)localVariables;
- (NSArray *)backtrace;
- (void)setFrame:(unsigned int)frame;
// Breakpoints.
- (breakpoint_t)addBreakPointAtPath:(NSString *)path line:(unsigned int)line
condition:(NSString *)condition;
- (void)enableBreakPoint:(breakpoint_t)bp;
- (void)disableBreakPoint:(breakpoint_t)bp;
- (void)deleteBreakPoint:(breakpoint_t)bp;
- (void)setCondition:(NSString *)condition forBreakPoint:(breakpoint_t)bp;
- (NSArray *)allBreakPoints;
// Context evaluation.
- (NSString *)evaluateExpression:(NSString *)expression;
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