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# Error messages and exception class
module YAML
# Error messages
ERROR_NO_HEADER_NODE = "With UseHeader=false, the node Array or Hash must have elements"
ERROR_NEED_HEADER = "With UseHeader=false, the node must be an Array or Hash"
ERROR_BAD_EXPLICIT = "Unsupported explicit transfer: '%s'"
ERROR_MANY_EXPLICIT = "More than one explicit transfer"
ERROR_MANY_IMPLICIT = "More than one implicit request"
ERROR_NO_ANCHOR = "No anchor for alias '%s'"
ERROR_BAD_ANCHOR = "Invalid anchor: %s"
ERROR_MANY_ANCHOR = "More than one anchor"
ERROR_ANCHOR_ALIAS = "Can't define both an anchor and an alias"
ERROR_BAD_ALIAS = "Invalid alias: %s"
ERROR_MANY_ALIAS = "More than one alias"
ERROR_ZERO_INDENT = "Can't use zero as an indentation width"
ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION = "This release of YAML.rb does not support YAML version %s"
ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_ENCODING = "Attempt to use unsupported encoding: %s"
# YAML Error classes
class Error < StandardError; end
class ParseError < Error; end
class TypeError < StandardError; end
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