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* This file is covered by the Ruby license. See COPYING for more details.
* Copyright (C) 2007-2010, Apple Inc. All rights reserved
* Copyright (C) 2007 Yukihiro Matsumoto
#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
#include <stdarg.h>
typedef struct rb_encoding rb_encoding;
#define ENCODING_GET(obj) (rb_enc_get_index((VALUE)obj))
#define ENCODING_SET(obj, idx) (rb_enc_set_index((VALUE)obj, idx))
int rb_enc_get_index(VALUE obj);
void rb_enc_set_index(VALUE obj, int encindex);
int rb_enc_find_index(const char *name);
int rb_enc_to_index(VALUE enc);
int rb_to_encoding_index(VALUE);
int rb_ascii8bit_encindex(void);
int rb_utf8_encindex(void);
int rb_usascii_encindex(void);
rb_encoding* rb_to_encoding(VALUE);
rb_encoding* rb_enc_get(VALUE);
VALUE rb_enc_associate_index(VALUE, int);
VALUE rb_enc_associate(VALUE, rb_encoding*);
VALUE rb_str_export_to_enc(VALUE str, rb_encoding *enc);
VALUE rb_enc_str_new(const char*, long, rb_encoding*);
PRINTF_ARGS(VALUE rb_enc_sprintf(rb_encoding *, const char*, ...), 2, 3);
VALUE rb_enc_vsprintf(rb_encoding *, const char*, va_list);
VALUE rb_enc_str_buf_cat(VALUE str, const char *ptr, long len, rb_encoding *enc);
/* index -> rb_encoding */
rb_encoding* rb_enc_from_index(int idx);
/* name -> rb_encoding */
rb_encoding * rb_enc_find(const char *name);
/* encoding -> name */
const char *rb_enc_name(rb_encoding *);
VALUE rb_enc_name2(rb_encoding *);
/* encoding -> minlen/maxlen */
long rb_enc_mbminlen(rb_encoding *);
long rb_enc_mbmaxlen(rb_encoding *);
#include <wctype.h>
#define rb_enc_isctype(c,t,enc) (iswctype(c,t))
#define rb_enc_isascii(c,enc) (iswascii(c))
#define rb_enc_isalpha(c,enc) (iswalpha(c))
#define rb_enc_islower(c,enc) (iswlower(c))
#define rb_enc_isupper(c,enc) (iswupper(c))
#define rb_enc_isalnum(c,enc) (iswalnum(c))
#define rb_enc_isprint(c,enc) (iswprint(c))
#define rb_enc_isspace(c,enc) (iswspace(c))
#define rb_enc_isdigit(c,enc) (iswdigit(c))
#define rb_enc_asciicompat(enc) (rb_enc_mbminlen(enc)==1 && !rb_enc_dummy_p(enc))
#define rb_enc_str_asciicompat_p(str) rb_enc_asciicompat(rb_enc_get(str))
ID rb_intern3(const char*, long, rb_encoding*);
VALUE rb_enc_from_encoding(rb_encoding *enc);
rb_encoding *rb_ascii8bit_encoding(void);
rb_encoding *rb_utf8_encoding(void);
rb_encoding *rb_usascii_encoding(void);
rb_encoding *rb_locale_encoding(void);
rb_encoding *rb_default_external_encoding(void);
rb_encoding *rb_default_internal_encoding(void);
int rb_usascii_encindex(void);
int rb_ascii8bit_encindex(void);
void rb_enc_set_default_external(VALUE encoding);
static inline int
rb_enc_dummy_p(rb_encoding *enc)
return Qfalse;
VALUE rb_str_transcode(VALUE str, VALUE to);
// CRuby compat.
#define rb_external_str_new_with_enc rb_enc_str_new
#if defined(__cplusplus)
} // extern "C" {
#endif /* RUBY_ENCODING_H */
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