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# The 'rake/clean' file defines two file lists (CLEAN and CLOBBER) and
# two rake tasks (:clean and :clobber).
# [:clean] Clean up the project by deleting scratch files and backup
# files. Add files to the CLEAN file list to have the :clean
# target handle them.
# [:clobber] Clobber all generated and non-source files in a project.
# The task depends on :clean, so all the clean files will
# be deleted as well as files in the CLOBBER file list.
# The intent of this task is to return a project to its
# pristine, just unpacked state.
require 'rake'
# :stopdoc:
CLEAN = Rake::FileList["**/*~", "**/*.bak", "**/core"]
CLEAN.clear_exclude.exclude { |fn|
fn.pathmap("%f") == 'core' &&
desc "Remove any temporary products."
task :clean do
CLEAN.each { |fn| rm_r fn rescue nil }
desc "Remove any generated file."
task :clobber => [:clean] do
CLOBBER.each { |fn| rm_r fn rescue nil }
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