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#ifndef __OBJC_H_
#define __OBJC_H_
#include "bs.h"
struct rb_objc_method_sig {
const char *types;
unsigned int argc;
bool rb_objc_fill_sig(VALUE recv, Class klass, SEL sel, struct rb_objc_method_sig *sig, bs_element_method_t *bs_method);
VALUE rb_objc_call(VALUE recv, SEL sel, int argc, VALUE *argv);
VALUE rb_objc_call2(VALUE recv, VALUE klass, SEL sel, IMP imp,
struct rb_objc_method_sig *sig, bs_element_method_t *bs_method, int argc,
VALUE *argv);
void rb_objc_define_kvo_setter(VALUE klass, ID mid);
static inline void
rb_objc_install_method(Class klass, SEL sel, IMP imp)
Method method, method2;
method = class_getInstanceMethod(klass, sel);
assert(method != NULL);
method2 = class_getInstanceMethod((Class)RCLASS_SUPER(klass), sel);
if (method == method2) {
assert(class_addMethod(klass, sel, imp, method_getTypeEncoding(method)));
else {
method_setImplementation(method, imp);
static inline void
rb_objc_install_method2(Class klass, const char *selname, IMP imp)
rb_objc_install_method(klass, sel_registerName(selname), imp);
#endif /* __OBJC_H_ */
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