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English.rb lets Perl'ish global variables have English names
README this file
benchmark.rb a benchmark utility
cgi.rb CGI support library
cgi/session.rb CGI session class
complex.rb complex number support
csv.rb CSV parser/generator
date.rb date object
date/format.rb date parsing and formatting
debug.rb ruby debugger
delegate.rb delegates messages to other object
drb.rb distributed Ruby
e2mmap.rb exception utilities
erb.rb tiny eRuby library
fileutils.rb file utilities
finalize.rb adds finalizer to the object
find.rb traverses directory tree
forwardable.rb explicit delegation library
getoptlong.rb GNU getoptlong compatible
gserver.rb general TCP server
ipaddr.rb defines the IPAddr class
irb.rb interactive ruby
logger.rb simple logging utility
mathn.rb extended math operation
matrix.rb matrix calculation library
mkmf.rb Makefile maker
monitor.rb exclusive region monitor for thread
mutex_m.rb mutex mixin
net/ftp.rb ftp access
net/http.rb HTTP access
net/imap.rb IMAP4 access
net/pop.rb POP3 access
net/protocol.rb abstract class for net library (DO NOT USE)
net/smtp.rb SMTP access
net/telnet.rb telnet library
observer.rb observer desing pattern library (provides Observable)
open-uri.rb easy-to-use network interface using URI and Net
open3.rb opens subprocess connection stdin/stdout/stderr
optparse.rb command line option analysis
ostruct.rb python style object
parsedate.rb parses date string (obsolete)
pathname.rb Object-Oriented Pathname Class
pp.rb pretty print objects
prettyprint.rb pretty printing algorithm
prime.rb prime numbers and factorization
profile.rb runs ruby profiler
profiler.rb ruby profiler module
pstore.rb persistent object strage using marshal
racc/parser.rb racc (Ruby yACC) runtime
rational.rb rational number support
rdoc source-code documentation tool
resolv-replace.rb replace Socket DNS by resolve.rb
resolv.rb DNS resolver in Ruby
rexml an XML parser for Ruby, in Ruby
scanf.rb scanf for Ruby
set.rb defines the Set class
shell.rb runs commands and does pipeline operations like shell
shellwords.rb split into words like shell
singleton.rb singleton design pattern library
sync.rb 2 phase lock
tempfile.rb temporary file with automatic removal
test/unit Ruby Unit Testing Framework
thread.rb thread support
thwait.rb thread syncronization class
time.rb RFC2822, RFC2616, ISO8601 style time formatting/parsing
timeout.rb provides timeout
tmpdir.rb retrieve temporary directory path
tracer.rb execution tracer
tsort.rb topological sorting
un.rb Utilities to replace common UNIX commands in Makefiles etc
uri.rb URI support
uri/ftp.rb ftp scheme support
uri/http.rb http scheme support
uri/https.rb https scheme support
uri/ldap.rb ldap scheme support
uri/mailto.rb mailto scheme support
weakref.rb weak reference class
webrick.rb WEB server toolkit
xmlrpc XML-RPC implementation
yaml.rb YAML implementation
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