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For 0.6:
[X] new Hash class, insertion ordering support, optimized for immediate types
[X] new String and Symbol classes, support for 1.9 encoding semantics
[X] new Regexp class, thread-safe, ICU-based
[X] refactor Foundation bridging models
[X] NSDictionary
[X] NSArray
[X] NSString
[X] NSNumber
[X] debugger
[X] command-line tool
[/] MRI C extensions support
[X] implement missing API (use nokogiri as test bed)
[/] cleanup public headers
[ ] define an export file for the linker
[ ] GC support
[/] rails
[X] project creation should work
[/] development web server
[/] hello world should work
[ ] support Mocha
[ ] support RSpec
[/] 90% (min.) of rubyspecs should pass
[ ] `macgem build' doesn't seem to work
[ ] Hash subclass for immediates
[ ] honor BridgeSupport printf_format attribute
[/] support for bigdecimal
(implemented but some specs are failing, need to sync with upstream)
[/] support for json
(implemented, do we have specs?)
[/] support for yaml
[ ] pass remaining specs
[/] support for openssl
[ ] finish porting to the new runtime APIs
[ ] check every RSTRING_PTR call to see if they are not f*cking up the data
[ ] pass specs (do we have some?)
[/] support for zlib
[ ] merge stdlib from 1.9.2 trunk
[/] most language/core/library specs should run (modulo a very few exceptions)
[/] port all rb_funcall() calls to rb_vm_call()
[/] port all rb_num_coerce_bin() calls to rb_objc_num_coerce_bin()
[/] port all rb_obj_respond_to() calls to rb_vm_respond_to()
[/] ri should work
[ ] pager problem (apparent bug of IO.popen)
[ ] some annotations are not available (`macri -T Array' misses a lot), maybe
a YAML merging bug
[ ] leaks
[ ] fix exception leak
[/] thread issues
[ ] method cache is not thread safe
[ ] blocks are not reentrant
ex:{}; 100.times{{100.times{}}}; sleep 1
[ ] exceptions not properly handled by the default EH in GCD blocks called
from a different thread
ex:; g.dispatch(Dispatch::Queue.concurrent) { raise('hey') }; g.wait
[ ] implement Enumerable::Enumerator
[ ] write a pass manager to eliminate unnecessary arrays generated by massigns
[ ] vectorize bignums
[ ] block inlining
[ ] fast regexp =~
[ ] rakefile-ize instruby.rb
[ ] multithreaded JIT
[ ] debugger interface
[ ] fully implement FFI API
[ ] add support for encodings in strings
Porting from rb_define_method() to rb_objc_define_method():
Replace calls to rb_define_method() with a call to
rb_objc_define_method() and rewrite the function to
conform to the following signatures:
// if arity -2
VALUE foo(VALUE recv, SEL sel, VALUE args);
// if arity -1
VALUE foo(VALUE recv, SEL sel, int argc, VALUE *argv);
// if arity 0
VALUE foo(VALUE recv, SEL sel);
// if arity 1
VALUE foo(VALUE recv, SEL sel, VALUE arg1);
// if arity 2
VALUE foo(VALUE recv, SEL sel, VALUE arg1, VALUE arg2);
// etc.
In the case of rb_define_global_function(), replace it with
rb_objc_define_method(rb_mKernel, ...)
In the case of rb_define_singleton_method() for defining class
functions and module-level functions, replace it with
rb_objc_define_method(*(VALUE *)klass, ...)
In the case of rb_define_singleton_method() for defining methods on
individual instances of objects, replace it with
rb_objc_define_method(rb_singleton_class(obj), ...)
In the case of rb_define_module_function(), replace it with
In the case of rb_define_alloc_func(), replace it with
rb_objc_define_method(*(VALUE *)klass, "alloc", ..., 0)
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