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Added simple irb rake task and uncommented spec => spec:ci shortcut.

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1 parent 7eefb2b commit 09f4226c3d90decd3894aee283d8127f127f4d7f @alloy alloy committed
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9 Rakefile
@@ -53,5 +53,10 @@ task :git_archive do
sh "git archive --format=tar --prefix=MacRuby-HEAD/ HEAD | gzip >MacRuby-HEAD.tar.gz"
-# desc "Run all 'known good' specs (task alias for spec:ci)"
-# task :spec => 'spec:ci'
+desc "Run all 'known good' specs (task alias for spec:ci)"
+task :spec => 'spec:ci'
+desc "Run IRB"
+task :irb do
+ exec './miniruby -I./lib ./bin/irb'

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