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Debugging load paths from mspec.

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1 parent 1a9d9f6 commit 3d0979d1178521180d78af1c8826154c4269c906 @alloy alloy committed Mar 16, 2009
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@@ -691,7 +691,12 @@ end
namespace :spec do
desc "Run continuous integration examples for Ruby 1.9 including stdlib"
task :ci do
- sh "./mspec/bin/mspec ci -t ./miniruby -B spec/frozen/macruby.mspec"
+ #sh "./mspec/bin/mspec ci -t ./miniruby -B spec/frozen/macruby.mspec"
+ # TODO: Still fails at another require statment.
+ # It seems to spawns yet another process which also needs the proper laod path.
+ # Anyways load paths are currently broken on roxor. Will find out a tmp workaround tonight.
+ sh "./miniruby -v -I./mspec/lib ./mspec/bin/mspec-ci -B spec/frozen/macruby.mspec"

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