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Do not futz with framework versions during deployment [GH-101]

We are receiving reports that apps are being rejected from the app store
now because of the file organization of MacRuby.framework when embedded
into applications.

Simply retaining the original version number and referring to the
Current symlink may fix things, but if it doesn't then we'll have a lot
more work to do...
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1 parent bfd2493 commit 90fa6f38ebc6135265685401f609375cdd443d9a @ferrous26 ferrous26 committed Jun 6, 2012
Showing with 4 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +0 −6 bin/ruby_deploy
  2. +4 −3 spec/macruby/command_line/ruby_deploy_spec.rb
@@ -215,12 +215,6 @@ class Deployer
rsync('-rl', *exclude_dirs, @macruby_framework_path, app_frameworks)
- # Rename the current version folder to Current in the MacRuby.framework
- # copy when the AppStore validation gets an Info.plist in a symlinked
- # folder it thinks it is a seperate target.
- rm_rf(File.join(app_macruby, 'Versions', 'Current'))
- mv(File.join(app_macruby, 'Versions', @macruby_install_version), File.join(app_macruby, 'Versions', 'Current'))
# Orphaned symlinks prevent AppStore validation.
rm_rf(File.join(app_macruby, 'Headers'))
rm_rf(File.join(app_macruby, 'Versions', 'Current', 'Headers'))
@@ -203,14 +203,15 @@ def framework_stdlib
File.exists?(File.join(framework, 'Current/usr/lib/libmacruby.1.9.2.dylib'))
- it 'only copies the Current version which is not a symlink' do
+ it 'keeps the correct version and Current symlink' do
dirs = Dir.entries(framework) - ['.','..']
- dirs.count.should == 1
+ dirs.count.should == 2
dirs.should include('Current')
+ dirs.should include(MACRUBY_VERSION)
- File.symlink?(File.join(framework, 'Current')).should be_false
+ File.readlink(File.join(framework, 'Current')).should == MACRUBY_VERSION
info = load_plist(, 'Info.plist')))
info['CFBundleShortVersionString'].should == MACRUBY_VERSION

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