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1 parent af1c651 commit d77b7be8fcd784273cda79ace2bcc84ca4e85eb0 @lrz lrz committed Mar 20, 2010
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@@ -292,6 +292,10 @@ str_set_valid_encoding(rb_str_t *self, bool status)
VALUE mr_enc_s_is_compatible(VALUE klass, SEL sel, VALUE str1, VALUE str2);
VALUE rb_str_intern_fast(VALUE str);
VALUE rstr_aref(VALUE str, SEL sel, int argc, VALUE *argv);
+VALUE rstr_swapcase(VALUE str, SEL sel);
+VALUE rstr_capitalize(VALUE str, SEL sel);
+VALUE rstr_upcase(VALUE str, SEL sel);
+VALUE rstr_downcase(VALUE str, SEL sel);
// The following functions should always been prefered over anything else,
// especially if this "else" is RSTRING_PTR and RSTRING_LEN.

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