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do not include stdlib files for compilation and spawn macrubyc from t…

…he current ruby's bindir

git-svn-id: 23306eb0-4c56-4727-a40e-e92c0eb68959
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commit f11165f72c6845152d76f6231f287c0e833d2de5 1 parent 57119dd
Laurent Sansonetti authored
Showing with 4 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +4 −3 bin/ruby_deploy
7 bin/ruby_deploy
@@ -83,17 +83,18 @@ class Deployer
def compile_files
- Dir.glob(File.join(@app_bundle, 'Contents/Resources/*.rb')) +
- Dir.glob(File.join(app_macruby_usr, '**/*.rb'))
+ Dir.glob(File.join(@app_bundle, 'Contents/Resources/*.rb'))
+ MACRUBYC = File.join(RbConfig::CONFIG['bindir'], 'macrubyc')
def compile
compile_files.each do |source|
base = File.basename(source, '.rb')
next if base == 'rb_main'
obj = File.join(File.dirname(source), base + '.rbo')
if !File.exist?(obj) or File.mtime(source) > File.mtime(obj)
- compile_cmd = "macrubyc -C \"#{source}\" -o \"#{obj}\""
+ compile_cmd = "#{MACRUBYC} -C \"#{source}\" -o \"#{obj}\""
# Use Xcode ARCHS env var to determine which archs to compile for
compile_cmd += ENV['ARCHS'] { |a| " -a #{a}" }.join if ENV['ARCHS']
execute(compile_cmd, "Can't compile \"#{source}\"")
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