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removed book cover until we have a better design

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&nbsp; &nbsp; and <a href="">examples</a> that are available.</p>
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<% end -%>
<h2>The Definitive Guide</h2>
-<img src="" alt="MacRuby Book by Matt Aimonetti" style="float:left; padding:0.5em 1em 0 0">
+<!-- <img src="" alt="MacRuby Book by Matt Aimonetti" style="float:left; padding:0.5em 1em 0 0"> -->
<a href="">Matt Aimonetti</a> is currently working on a <a href="">MacRuby book for O'Reilly</a>. It is under development and the book is being published as it is being written. The work is released under a <a href="">Creative Commons</a> license, with the idea of getting early feedback from the community.
-<br/><a href="">Check it out!</a></p>
+<a href="">Check it out!</a></p>
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<h2>Why MacRuby?</h2>
<p>MacRuby began as an attempt to work around many problems inherent in RubyCocoa. In the course of solving these problems, MacRuby has also solved numerous problems in the original implementation of Ruby. Consequently, there are a number of reasons (e.g. convenience, efficiency, flexibility, performance) why one might wish to use MacRuby for new (and ongoing) Ruby applications... <a href="/documentation/why-macruby.html"><br/><i>Read more...</i></a></p>
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