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Welcome to Macad|3D

Macad|3D is a free and open-source 3D construction program which implements easy-to-handle workflows specific to the model making hobbyist. Design and arrange your model, export perspective drawings and create source data for printing, laser cutting, milling or photo etching.

Macad|3D is mainly based on the technologies .Net, C#, C++/CLI and OpenCASCADE Technology (OCCT). Contributions are welcome, either by submitting via GitHub, or by sending a patch file to

Official homepage and download:


Development requirements

  • Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition
    • .Net Desktop workload
    • C++ Desktop workload
    • .Net 6 support component
    • C++/CLI support component
  • OpenCASCADE Technology (OCCT) 7.6.0

Building from source

Start ScriptConsole.cmd and enter the following commands:

  1. Get dependencies from web and nuget.

    > restore

  2. Configure the path to OCCT and it's dependencies. The OCCT installer only contains a release build, if a debug build is to be used, it must be created yourself. For this, please refer to the documentation from OCCT.

    > occt config <pathToOcct>

  3. Build the whole thing. Replace all with debug or release if only one these should be built (e.g. you have no debug build of OCCT).

    > build all

Regenerating OCCT wrapper

Generating the OCCT wrapper code depends on several packages to work hand in hand. If any of this packages changes, it can be at least time-consuming to track down the error and either update other packages as well or find a way around.

For this reason, the generated wrapper code for the above mentioned version of the library is checked in. If you want to re-generate the wrapper code, start the generation with the script console command > occt generate.

If you are missing something in the wrapper, it maybe excluded because of several reasons: Maybe it cannot be automatically wrapped yet, it did make trouble in any prior version, or it was simply not needed yet and excluded for saving compilation (and especially linking) time. Check the configuration file for the wrapper generator and enable what you need, then regenerate the wrapper code.


Thanks to JetBrains for providing a free license of ReSharper.

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