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			   Macaulay 2
	    by Daniel R. Grayson <dan@math.uiuc.edu>
	 and Michael E. Stillman <mike@math.cornell.edu>

	available from http://www.math.uiuc.edu/Macaulay2/

			 version @PACKAGE_VERSION@

Welcome to Macaulay2!

Macaulay 2 is a software system for algebraic geometry research.  Macaulay 2 is
a software system for algebraic geometry research, written by Daniel R. Grayson
and Michael E. Stillman with generous support from the National Science
Foundation, for which we are grateful.  Based on Groebner bases, it provides
algorithms for computing homological invariants of rings and modules.

Macaulay 2 is copyright 1993-2009 by Daniel R. Grayson and Michael E. Stillman.
We permit you to use it under the terms of the GNU General Public License,
version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation; see the file COPYING,
or refer to


On Debian-based systems the file COPYING is not provided.  Instead, refer to:


This is free software.  There is no warranty; not even for merchantability or
fitness for a particular purpose.

Some programs or packages may be distributed along with Macaulay2 according to the terms of
their own licenses, not affecting the license we offer you for Macaulay2
itself.  These include the following programs: 4ti2, normaliz, and gfan.

The source code for the libraries, programs, or packages that we use is
available on our web site at