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The Mach-II - Project



The Mach-II Dashboard is a Mach-II module that is designed to assist developers create and manage the development of applications. As of Mach-II 1.9, the Dashboard is included in the core download.

Sample Applications

Project and Paid Training / Commercial Support

Information about the Mach-II Project and how it works.

Using this Wiki & Making Edits

If you'd like to help us keep our wiki accurate and up to date, contact us and let us know your GitHub user name. Feel free to add new sections, code examples, fix spelling or grammatical errors, or add entirely new pages. Our community (meaning you!) is this project's best asset and your help is integral in making Mach-II a success.

If you are unfamiliar with GitHub and GitHub Markdown there are plenty of resources:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Team Mach-II at info [at] with your questions.

About The Mach-II Project

Mach-II is a powerful, object-oriented, open source MVC framework for CFML engines that focuses on easing software development and maintenance. Mach-II was the first object-oriented framework for CFML engines and continues to innovate with new features designed to help CFML engine developers build and maintain large-scale applications more easily.

To discount a couple of points of confusion right away, in our case Mach-II does not refer to a razor or breaking the sound barrier (as an aside, attempting to shave and break the sound barrier at the same time isn't advisable). In the context of the present discussion, Mach-II is a powerful object-oriented CFML framework that will help you build highly flexible, maintainable CFML applications. Sounds great, right? It is! Let's explain a couple of these ideas just a bit further.

  • Mach-II is powerful Mach-II is used on numerous large, high-traffic sites including portions of Mach-II is based on many tried-and-true principles of application architecture that have been used successfully both in desktop and web application development for years.
  • Mach-II is flexible Mach-II allows you and helps you to write highly modular CFML applications, meaning your code is highly reusable, stable, and easy to debug.
  • Mach-II applications are highly maintainable One of the great benefits of Mach-II is not only in the process of development itself but the end result. If you're lucky, your application will spend a lot more time in maintenance mode than it does in development. By using Mach-II you can not only lengthen the overall life-span of your application, but you'll make the maintenance cycle much less painful.

Is Mach-II the fountain of youth for your CFML applications and the great cure for spaghetti code of which you've been dreaming? It just might be! Once you get the hang of Mach-II you'll be amazed and how much more easily and quickly you can build world-class web applications, as well as how easily you can change and add to these applications because of the best development practices supported by Mach-II.

The Mach-II framework is developed and maintained by an active group of contributors and team members. Mach-II is proven in numerous large-scale CFML applications, and it has an active user community. Improve your CFML development by downloading Mach-II today.

For more detailed information, read 10 Questions About Mach-II which answers the common things that people who need to be in know that need to know.

Commercial Sponsor

GreatBizTools, LLC (GBT) is the principal commercial entity supporting the Mach-II framework. GBT helps Team Mach-II in creating products and services that enhance the overall effectiveness of the Mach-II framework. We have already designed and developed both introductory and advanced Mach-II training programs for developers. In addition, GBT promotes the efforts of the Mach-II team to improve documentation and to build technical resource materials.

GBT is a consulting firm that specializes in designing, developing, and implementing human resource management systems. They offer practical, cost-effective business solutions through their management products, web-based testing system, and consulting services. Using the Mach-II and ColdSpring frameworks to build their website, GreatBizTools proudly supports Mach-II.

More information on GreatBizTools, LLC

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