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Spatial & Multichannel Audio Research Blog and Glossary

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Here at Mach1 we have encountered numerous amounts of pitfalls and learning curves while being creators, developers and consumers of spatial, multichannel and interactive audio projects and productions. We are striving to build better understanding to encourage best practices by sharing our experiences and knowledge and constructing tools that others can use or build on top of. Some of these tools have been collected into the following related repositories:

We also are hoping to encourage growth of nomenclature around these emerging new audio mediums and do so by collecting terms and phrases into a glossary that can show related linking to words to reduce confusion in the current audio creator and developer landscapes.

The ultimate goal of this blog and repository is to also get others to contribute to both the blog posts and glossary and let both become more community orientated.


Please create a PR (pull request) with your edits for review, please also include your name in the appropriate area for credits or otherwise feel free to suggest a place if there is not an appropriate place yet. Feel free to reach out via our Slack channel with any questions or support, also first-contributions is a great resource if you are not sure how to properly contribute to this repo.


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