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+An implementation of Conway's Game of Life in Python.
+* Python 2.7
+* PyGame (for the GUI)
+Command Line
+Run it using It takes no arguments. When prompted, enter
+the size of the board (it is square, and the number you enter is used
+for all sides). It will ask you how many turns you wish to run. After
+that, you can run it some more, or you can type '0' to exit.
+Run it using ` <length of sides>`. Alternatively, you may also
+specify a filename to a .rle file of an initial layout as such
+` 100 glider.rle`. However, it will
+be rejected if it is larger than the length of sides given in the
+command line arguments.
+The controls are as follows:
+* Left click a cell to toggle it's state (See the bugs section below)
+* Press 's' to toggle slow mode. This slows it down to 1 generation per
+ second.
+* Press 'r' to reset the grid.
+* Press tab to fill the grid randomly.
+Known Bugs
+* If you choose an uneven length, there will be an area around the edge
+ of the screen that will crash the simulator if clicked on.
+* It is extremely slow for grid sizes > ~150x150 (depending on your
+ computer this may go up or down)
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-An implementation of Conway's Game of Life in Python.

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