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Realm one is an open source tile based game written in Rust using the Amethyst game engine. It is the first game that will be integrated into the distributed MMO platform Worlds. Following the implementation anyone will be able to fork this repository and add to the universe!

Pre-Alpha Release

Join on on Freenode Monday February 3rd, 6PM PST for more info! Lets all run around togeather in game!


The project is under heavy development and we are always looking for people to help out! Please see the CONTRIBUTING document for development information. Join us on IRC! ( on Freenode) log here.


Tiles are taken from here credit to Lanea Zimmerman! Tiles are arranged using the Tiled Map Editor.



git clone

Setup the config file resources/config.ron, public server is right now

    server_ip: "",
    client_ip: "Depricated, Can be blank",
    player_name: "YourName - Change this!",
cargo run --release client 


git clone

Setup the config file resources/config.ron

    server_ip: "YourIP",
    client_ip: "",
    player_name: "",
cargo run --release server


Once connected, you can move your character around with 'wasd' controls. There is also a command system that allows configuration of your character. To get into this command system press the '/' key, you can you freely type. Once you have finished your command press enter.

Command listing

Commands are of the form: cmd arg subargs

cmd outfit male    // Change char to male
cmd outfit female  // Change char to female
cmd outfit nude    // Change char nude androgynous person 

Other outfits: bat, skeleton, slime, ghost, spider

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