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MLT Starter Kit


Mission: Democratizing Machine Learning.

MLT is an award-winning nonprofit 一般社団法人 dedicated to democratizing Machine Learning through open education, open source and open science. MLT supports a research and engineering community of 8,000 members.

How to join MLT

MLT Community Members: Anyone can become part of the Machine Learning Tokyo community by joining one of our online platforms:

You don't necessarily have to be located in Tokyo to join MLT. We provide online videos, code and resources on YouTube and GitHub.

MLT Patron: Become a MLT Patron and help us to keep MLT meetups inclusive and for free.

MLT Core Team: The MLT Core Team currently consists of 12 volunteer members in Tokyo. We are in charge of technical workshops, paper readings, online resources, working sessions, study groups and building specific ML projects.

MLT Contributors: Machine Learning, Full Stack SWE, Front-end, Web Dev and UI/UX. If you are interested in Artificial Intelligence and would like to gain professional experience, grow your skills and contribute to the ML community at the same time please get in touch, we'd be happy to share more info.

Open Source contributions: For most of our projects we use the MIT license, unless otherwise stated. The copyright always belongs to the individual authors/contributors – we encourage you to add your names to the license when you work on a codebase, e.g. Copyright [2019] [Machine Learning Tokyo, Dimitris Katsios, Alisher Abdulkhaev, Mustafa Yagmur, Suzana Ilić] Want to organize hands-on ML and DL workshops in your city? Here are some lessons learned after 150+ MLT workshops and sessions: [Blog post]

Want to organize an MLT event in your city? Reach out to to discuss more.

Collaborations with companies and research institutions

There are many ways to collaborate with MLT on open education, open source or open science projects. Reach out to to discuss more.

You're looking for technical talent? We have a strict no-recruiting policy within MLT. However, if you'd like to let the community know about open positions in your company or organization, please use the MLT Job Board and members who are interested in new career opportunities will apply through that channel.

Code of Conduct

MLT promotes an inclusive environment that values integrity, openness and respect.

We are committed to a supportive study and work environment for our community members and the MLT core team, and to provide the opportunity for individuals to reach their fullest potential.

We aim to create a community culture that is collaborative, inclusive and empowering and therefore free of intimidation, bias and discrimination. Thus, we do not tolerate harassment and discrimination of members and participants in any form.

MLT events are for community building and knowledge sharing. We politely ask that company representatives, recruiters and consultants looking to hire or sell their services do not come to MLT events, and/or send private and public messages/posts through MLT communication channels.

This code of conduct applies to all MLT spaces and events, online and offline, including meetups, Twitter, Slack, Discourse, FB, mailing lists. Anyone who violates this code of conduct may be excluded or expelled from these spaces and events at the discretion of the board of directors.


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