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What is MachineryCoin? MachineryCoin is an innovative, secure and energy efficient PoW/PoS coin. It uses a faster PoW distribution mechanism to distribute the initial coins, then after 5 days the coin is basically transferred to a pure PoS coin, where the generation of the coin is mainly through the PoS interests. PoS interest 35% annually. In PoS stage MachineryCoin use multipool for mining and exchange to RigthCoin.


Max coins? 15 Million coins in PoW stage and 15 Million coins in PoS stage.

Coin type? MachineryCoin is a X11 Algo-based PoW/PoS Block Info 30 second Block Targets, retarget difficulty readjustment every block Special reward system(fair distribution): Block 1 - 400 : 250 MachineryCoin Reward Block 401 - 14400 : 1000 MachineryCoin Reward Total Block PoW 14400

right.conf Settings rpcuser=usernamecoin rpcpassword=passwordcoin server=1 listen=1 gen=0 rpcport=15106