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Currently, slideshows can only show featured images attached to pages or posts. This causes some issues when having multi-language sites, since slideshow pictures (with text in a certain language) can't be differentiated between languages. This also prevents us from having different images in slideshows than the featured images of pages/posts.

A solution to this problem would be to allow further customization of slideshows, preferably via SHORTCODE.

If it was possible to specify what images to use, with what caption text, and where they should link - this problem would be solved. It would then be possible to create a custom slideshow with for example: 4 images in English (using the links to the English version of the images in the media library, using English caption text and the link to the English version of the post), and then have another page in another language (eg. Swedish) with a slideshow using 4 images in Swedish (using the links to the Swedish version of the images in the media library, using the Swedish caption text and the link to the Swedish version of the post).

My idea is that the shortcode could look something like this:

[cc_slideshow id="1" image1_source="http://www.mypage.com/wp-content/uploads/...english_image.jpg" image1_caption="This is an English image" image1_link="http://www.mypage.com/en/..." image2_source="..." image2_caption="..." image2_link="..."]

[cc_slideshow id="2" image1_source="http://www.mypage.com/wp-content/uploads/...swedish_image.jpg" image1_caption="This is a Swedish image" image1_link="http://www.mypage.com/sv/..." image2_source="...." image2_caption="..." image2_link="..."]

I think this functionality would be great!

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All bugs and features I report are for the Pro version. I thought this forum was for the Pro version, but should I state that specifically when posting?


great idea, just regarding caption and title, doesn't the translation plugin work like you have different versions for every blogpost (like the same post in english and swedish, with different title, content, and also featured image actually..)

What I have in the back of my head that keeping the theme and its functions as slim as possible but with the widest range of possibilities for 99.99% of stuff you'd like to achieve.

If this is something that would be used by 1 of 1000 people we should not blow up all shortcodes with too many parameters.

** @spennis love your commitment and your ideas, please don't get me wrong, but have to be easy still **

@slaFFik - what do you think? @spennis what do you think right now about this?

some other ideas:

1.) regarding images: if the image has no text but is really just a big image that fits to the title, you don't have the image problem anymore..

2.) @spennis did you play around with WPML? This makes linked copies of every post where you can have another title, content, ... maybe that's your solution? but make tests first, WPML is going deep into your installation and changing stuff, so first play around on a test environment..


The translation plugins I've used (transposh) does not create separate blogposts, it only lets you translate the text, no separate settings.

I haven't tried WPML. A bit sceptic about paying before I know if it will work or not. I tried to google it, but haven't found anything.

Anyway, the possbility to create custom slideshows would still be useful, even though a page is in one language.


We decided a feature stop as a completely new Custom Community 2.0 is on the way. Issue will be closed for now.

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